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1. Can I re-shift my aircon units after installation?

No, the positions are fixed so you will not be able to move the positions of your aircon freely.

2. Can I change the brand of my aircon units after installing?

You will not be able to change the condenser as the systems are different, so if you are not happy with the current system, you will not be able to change.

3. Will there be extra charges if I modify the previously stated number of consolidated indoor cooling units?

Yes, you will need to get an approval from the SP group and after the approval, there will be extra charges if more units are added.

4. Will the CSS pipes be exposed?

Yes, the thick and bulky pipes will be exposed and if you would like to have boxed up services, there will be more charges unlike split unit air-conditioning systems which do not have the pipes exposed.

5. Will there be leakage?

Yes, there are possibilities for the CSS to leak and it can get messier as more water will get leaked out compared to split unit aircon.

6. What's the BTU difference between CSS and 5 ticks?

The standard BTU for CSS is 9000BTU/hr compared to 5 ticks which uses xxxBTU/hr.

7. Using the same centralized cooling system, can we add a different condenser brand? May I select a contractor of my own to install a similar indoor centralized cooling unit?

You will not be able to mount an alternate condenser to connect to the current centralised indoor unit because of the different kinds of system. Installation and synchronization of your centralized indoor cooling unit with the main centralized cooling system must be carried out by SP directly.

5. Will I be able to make any customisation towards my aircon?

No customisation can be made like colors etc.